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Many churches no longer have services on the evening of the Lord’s Day. Isn’t it strange that we have churches that can fill their building with hundreds and even thousands of people on Sunday morning, but everyone goes home without wanting more? We have turned the Lord’s Day into the Lord’s Hour.
The truth is that we have allowed other things to crowd the Lord of glory out of our lives:

  • Shopping has become more important than seeking God.
  • Work has become more demanding than God’s commands. It is interesting that when work demands our time, it is a “responsibility,” but when the Lord commands us to worship, it is “legalism.”
  • Personal time has become more important than time with God.
  • Social responsibilities have become a substitute for corporate worship.
  • Evangelism is often used as an excuse for not attending evening worship.
  • Sometimes even family can become more important than the Lord who has loved us and given us our families.

The evening service is a wonderful opportunity to meet again with the Lord’s people and to grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Let us count it a privilege to worship the Lord both in the morning and the evening.

If your church has no evening worship and it is your desire to continue to fellowship with the Lord’s people, join us every Sunday at 6:00 pm.